Polish Society of Infusion Nursing 

Information for international guests

Information for international guests

The Polish Society of Infusion Nursing is a registered association established by a decision of the District Court for the City of Warsaw. 

Our organization was founded in 2023 to enhance the quality of services in infusion nursing.

The Polish Society of Infusion Nursing has the International Affiliation of the Infusion Nurses Society.

The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) is an international nonprofit organization representing infusion nurses and other clinicians  who are engaged in the specialty practice of infusion therapy.

Statutory objectives, such as:

  • activity for the development of nursing, especially in areas related to vascular access and infusion management,
  • cooperation in determining the direction of development of infusion nursing,
  • activity for improving the quality of care for patients with vascular access and patients receiving therapy with the use of various types of vascular accesses

are described in Chapter II §6 of the Statute and are carried out through educational activities and participation in initiatives to improve the quality of care related to vascular access and infusion management. Detailed forms of task implementation are described in Chapter II §7.

English version of the Statute.

List of Current Officers and Directors

Cadence 2023-2027

Maciej Latos – President of the Board

Marceli Solecki – Vice-President of the Board

Artur Szymczak – Finance Director

Grzegorz Cichowlas – Secretary of the Society

Natalia Sak-Dankosky – Scientific Director

Anna Woda – Public Relations Director

Jakub Dzięciołowski – Member of the Board



Agnieszka Lamcha-Chełchowska


President of the Board

Maciej Latos